Thursday, August 2, 2012


     When the personal computer first began nestling itself comfortably into everyday American life, I was sporting “big hair”, wore leggings with skirts, and listened to a lot of Bon Jovi.  While the PC in its many modern day iterations continues to thrive, I am happy to report that the big hair and leggings have gone the way of the dodo – though I do still listen to Bon Jovi from time to time.

     As the PC industry matured, we were introduced to such handy software features as spell check and grammar check.  So, if I forgot everything that I learned in fourth grade English and my grammer was wrong, my computer would auto-correct it for me.  Of course, it was never meant to be a substitute for human proof-reading.  However, it did offer the possibility that our old nemesis, “the typo”, might one day be eradicated from existence.

With the birth of social media and its rapid encroachment into almost every aspect of our daily lives, written communication must now be done at lightening speed just to be relevant.  With these newer, ever more rapid, modes of instantaneous communication on a mass scale, the typo is experiencing a bit of a renaissance.   In my own nostalgic way, I am kind of glad.

While I am mortified to see typos in my own tweets and posts, especially when committed by my online professional persona, an unfortunately placed typo in other people’s communications always did give me a good chuckle.  Since I myself seem completely incapable of delivering a typo-free tweets or posts (case in point), I hope that my little social media slip-ups similarly bring a smile to someone else’s day.

My favorite typo of the day today came in the form of a tweet.  So as to not cause embarrassment to anyone, all references to the tweet source have been purposely omitted.  The tweet read as follows:  “If you have had gun surgery we have postoperative instructions to answer your questions.”  Of course, no amount of spell checking or grammar checking by a computer program probably would have caught the particular error that happened here.

To the author of my favorite tweet of the day, thank you for giving me a chuckle.  May the typo live long and prosper.   

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