Thursday, November 3, 2011

Q & A: Domestic Violence

Q: If me and my girl fight and we both are hurt i went to the er she is taken pictures of herself. Telling me if i leave and go wit: with my dad she will call the police and show them the picture what should I do we have a son and i dont want him to see us like this

Asked about 7 hours ago in Domestic Violence

A: I am assuming from your question that you and your girlfriend currently live together with your child, that this is a recent incident, that no police report has been filed by anyone (you, her, or any attending physician at the ER), and that there are no court orders regarding custody & visitation, etc. Just because you are the male in the relationship does not mean that you could not file a domestic assault charge against her if she was the aggressor. However, unless your girlfriend is a similar height and weight to you, then you may have an uphill battle proving your case in court. Whether you stay or go, your girlfriend could file a domestic assault charge against you (which you would then need to defend) - so there is no guarantee that staying will necessarily solve your current problem. If you feel compelled to stay but things heat up again, you might want to consider inviting a third party to be present (such a family member, friend, or even a neighbor) while you "work things out". The presence of a third party can diffuse a volitile emotional situation before it escalates into something physical and will also provide a witness who can testify later if things go bad. This does not sound like a healthy relationship for any of you right now. Because you have a child together, you may want to consider family counseling (there are very low cost and even some free counseling services in most areas). You should seriously consider consulting with an attorney in your local area that practices family law, to help you prepare in the event that court action does become necessary or is instigated by your girlfriend. In the interim, you might also want to take some pictures of your own (your injuries, etc.) and get a copy of your medical records from the emergency room -- you may need them in the future.

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